November 4, 2018--Sex Re-Education in the Age of Viagra and Cialis

Lucky me! I have been asked to be one of the featured presenters at the Morehouse School of Medicine's Continuing Education Conference during the Life Luxe Jazz Fest in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  

So if you're a doctor or married to one, why not join me in Cabo for some real talk and CEU's followed by some great jazz!  Check out the link above and book your tickets NOW!  This is going to be a smash of an event!  VIP all the way!

partial List of Patrons

Stiletto University has conducted workshops and lectures for a variety of outstanding groups and organizations. Whether for a group as large as 400 and as intimate as 10, each SU workshop is individually crafted for each client and their guests.  

Mothers Off Duty, Inc.

Moms Extraordinaire

The Wives of the National Guardsmen
The Wives of Omega Psi Phi

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Ladies Workout Express

The Unversity of Maryland

Bloomfield College

Spelman University
​Kean University
Montclair Adult School
Morehouse School of Medicine
Life Luxe Jazz Fest
The Links, Inc.

Jack and Jill, Inc.

Below are the  workshops and speaking topics currently offered through Stiletto University. Contact us at to request information or download our workshop booking form. Private parties and retreats are also available.

Weapons of Mass Seduction Flirting Workshop:  A fun and flirty workshop designed to teach you the secrets to becoming a successfully charming WMS. Interactive and infomative for single and married women, this workshop is perfect for organizations, clubs and girls' night out parties. (90 minutes)

The Rise of Fall Lecture:  Delivered to motivate and change the way you look at being a 'woman of a certain age'.  Learn how to more fully enjoy the sexy autumn of our lives as we discuss our forty, fifty, sixty, seventy and more shades of fabulous.  (60-90 minutes with Q & A)

Sexitude Workshop:  Learn to free your sexy mind and move your body while learning our original Sexitude line dance.  Sexitude is a fun and tasteful combination of mind and movement with the ultimate goal of making you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin.  At its core, it is an attitude readjustment…a push toward you changing the way you see your fabulous sexy self. (90 minutes)

#Be the Flame: Tapping into the Power of Wow:   This is a honest, and empowering lecture/discussion about how strong, beautiful, confident women are made.  Geared toward high school and college-aged women.
(90 minutes with Q & A)

Bringing Sexy Back Workshop:  Interactive and informative, this is workshop is designed to help even the shy and sexy feel comfortable and empowered in the bedroom.  Always tasteful, you'll learn ways to spice up your love life by increasing your own passion and letting your good girl come out to play. (90 minutes)

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