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So, why did I include the above video?  To make fun of celebrities?  No. To bring the famous women whose perceived perfection inspire and intimidate us down a notch?  Absolutely not.  I included this highly instructional video to show you that without the smoke and mirrors, the playing field is more level than you imagine. Comparing yourself with celebrities is a no win endeavor.  Unless you have a team of experts dedicated to dressing, feeding, and keeping you toned and fit, you will never measure up.  But why would you want to?  Not when your own brand of sexy, with a little care and tweaking, is your best bet to being confident and sexy.

So stop obsessing over the manufactured beauty of the women you hold up as your sexy icons. Realize what they do, that with a little MAC magic, you can camaflouge your flaws, and highlight the good stuff.  You too have the WOW within.  It's time to bring it out!  Check this out.

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                      exercise #27

Think about this question as you go about your day.  What would you do differently in your pursuite of a fulfilled love life if you accepted that you are just fine as you are? If you woke up to find that you looked and felt about yourself the way you always wanted to, how would your life change?  Make a list of all the things you'd do differently and ways you'd behave differently than you do at this moment. For this entire week, challenge yourself to accept that you are perfectly amazing as is.  Each time you find fault with your appearance or personality, stop and remind yourself that you are fabulous and desirable right now.  Then go out and behave as if you are beautiful, and see what happens.


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