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​The power of wow

"This is more than a typical "self-help" book.  Lori's writing style combined with real life learning and humor help put you in the moment.  This guide provides honest,

upfront teaching and has made a huge 

difference in my life.  This will be my go to

book for the rest of my life.


"The Power of Wow is OUTSTANDING.  I

definitely learned more with this $11 than
the numbers of workshops that I've spent

hundreds of dollars on.  I got my sexy

confidence back and...loving every day."

 M. Bruner, ​

"I won't say the work was easy, but it was so worth it! Lori has a way of showing you sides of yourself that you never knew existed."  Teylse, Class of '17

"The Rise of Fall workshop was informative, releasing, rejuvenating, and a big reminder of what is coming down the road and how to prepare for it."

H. Vincent,  NJ Guardsmen, The Rise of Fall

"You owe to yourself, your family and your relationships to open yourself up to one of Lori's powerful, perceptive and poignant workshops." 

M. Cunningham, Delta Sigma Theta  The Power and Pleasure of Sensual Living

"Lori has the ability to create an enviornment of honesty and openness. She encourages women to find their "inner sexy," grants them the permission to use it, and shows them how to release it for the world to see."  T.  Favors, Revlon Consumer Products, Unleash the Sensual You

"I loved the Sexitude workshop. Think. Act. Believe. It was the most empowering 90-minutes I've experienced in a long time." T. Waller, Sexitude

 "Lori created a truly memorable birthday celebration for me and my guests.  Not only did everyone have a great time, they went home excited to be 50!" ​D. Clarkson, Openhearts, Men-all-pause Soiree


SU Alumni


"I finally stopped comparing myself to other women."  Lucy, Class of '08

"My experience at Stiletto U made me realize that when you care about yourself it changes everything.  I'm putting my energy into living everyday instead of waiting." Cathy, Class of '09

"This has been nothing less than transformative. Through this program, I woke up to appreciating and being more alive in the world, and that's a gift worth its weight in gold!"  Gigi, Class of '09 

"One of my oldest friends said she noticed that  I am no longer apologizing for being me. I no longer need to play small so others can feel big.  Now I'm just delighted to be  me!"  Brigette, Class of '10

"I'm now more comfortable engaging with men.  I had an invisible barrier that would not let me get close. By using the SU methods to become more charming, the barrier disappeared."  Susan, Class of '12

"Since Stiletto U, I'm hearing things differently.  My husband used the word 'beautiful.'  I'm not used to hearing or believing that.  But I believed him this time.  And it felt good to be noticed."  Karen, Class of '15