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    older and Single

    Not too long ago, to be over fifty years-old and single may have elicited sympathy from others.  But today, more and more people are older and uncoupled. We asked readers why they loved being older and single, and their answers did not disappoint.  Read more...

    the rise of fall

    Now well into my 50's, I've had my moments of thinking, "damn I'm old" and questioning my sexual relevancy. But I've learned how to make peace with the fact that I am indeed in the autumn of my life. And you know what? I'm totally fine with it.   Read more...

    shoebox wisdom


    Technically, we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but often we women of a certain age behave in ways that are anything but free or brave. Far too many of us are slaves to the opinions and boundaries other people choose for us. Just as the U.S. celebrates it's freedom, consider declaring a little personal independence of your own. Read more...

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    fabulous after 50

    Thoughts, Tips and Techniques for the Grown and Sexy 

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