"This [program] has given me permission to simply enjoy. Wow! It's intoxicating.  The shift is amazing!"
                                          Rebecca, Class of '16

My Sensual Journey 

You've read my official bio--but here's the one that really counts.  Now in my fifties, I am wise and seasoned by age and life experience and I FULLY live the life I promote.  I am an active and productive flirt (my biggest charm achievement:  I met my husband and became engaged in six days), and a lifelong sensualist.  I have spent the past 25 years observing, researching, and breaking down my individual approach to living a sensual, charming, seductive life.

Here's what I learned.  By putting sensuality at the core of my feminine existence, I became more aware, grateful, joyful, spontaneous and successful, both personally and professionally.  The more I learned about, and began to trust, MY version of "sexy woman," the more I began to accept and take possession of my ideas on love and lust.  I learned that with true ownership of one's genuine self came pride in possession and the quiet demand for respect.

What I've learned through living sensuously has carried me through the ups and downs of a long-term marriage and the identity challenge of many birthdays.  Living sensually has expanded the passion and joy in my life because I have learned to revel in my physical and spiritual attributes and live by my own truth and convictions.

I proudly past these lessons on to you--teacher to student, mentor to friend, woman to woman.  Let's unearth your senuality.  It's time be charming, be sexy, be YOU!

frequently asked questions:  

Thank you for your interest in Stiletto University and our individual coaching programs.  Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.  Should you have more, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Q.  How is sensuality coaching different from life coaching?​  

​A.   As I am a certified life coach, it's really not so different.  With my sensuality coach hat on, I am most interested in helping you find your feminine confidence, the confidence that has everything to do with personal success in your social and sexual worlds (but ultimately, and happily, spills into other areas of your life). My coaching process is build on the foundation of first raising your happiness quotient, and then getting to know your authentic self based on your five sensory preferences.  That's my speciality, but in just like any other life coach, I listen, ask probing questions, encourage, challenge, support, and help you see and remove obstacles--all with compassion and humor and without judgment.

Q.  What is your coaching process?

A.  In addition to using The Power of Wow as our textbook, coaching is tailored to your individual needs.  Prior to beginning our work together, we will have a complimentary discovery session to learn your individual needs and goals and what kind of schedule is best for you.  After we determine your goals, we'll talk (by phone or Skype) once a week, and I will follow up with goals for you to work toward until our next session.  Between scheduled sessions, you will have unlimited access by email to adddress any questions, hurdles or breakthroughs you experience.

Q.  How long do people usually work with a sensuality coach?

A.  It really depends on how far and fast you want to go, and how hard you want to work.  The SU semester lasts nine weeks.  We also have one time consultations as well as three week unit packages for alumni or if you simply one more than one session but less than a full semester. See our Services and Fee Schedule for more information.

Q.  How do I get started?
 Start by scheduling your free, 30-minute discovery session.  Believe me, the last thing I want to do is to waste your time and hard earned money.  If you're seriously interested in SU, but still aren't sure, get in touch.  It can't hurt, and who knows, it could be the start of an amazing new you!