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My Sensual Journey 

You've read my official bio--but here's the one that really counts. Now in my fifties, I am wise and seasoned by age and life experience and I FULLY live the life I promote.  I am an active and productive flirt (my biggest charm achievement:  I met my husband and became engaged in six days), and a lifelong sensualist.  I have spent the past 25 years observing, researching, and breaking down my individual approach to living a sensual, charming, seductive life.

Here's what I learned.  By putting sensuality at the core of my feminine existence, I became more aware, grateful, joyful, spontaneous and successful, both personally and professionally.  The more I learned about, and began to trust, MY version of "sexy woman," the more I began to accept and take possession of my ideas on love and lust.  I learned that with true ownership of one's genuine self came pride in possession and the quiet demand for respect.

What I've learned through living sensuously has carried me through the ups and downs of a long-term marriage and the identity challenge of many birthdays.  Living sensually has expanded the passion and joy in my life because I have learned to revel in my physical and spiritual attributes and live by my own truth and convictions.

I proudly past these lessons on to you--teacher to student, mentor to friend, woman to woman.  Let's unearth your sensuality. It's time be charming, be sexy, be YOU!


Stiletto UNiversity Classes:  

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Successful, Single SearchingCreate and Manifest the Love You Desire and Deserve

Are you successful at everything you do EXCEPT when it comes to relationships?  Are you tired of being alone and lonely but can't seem to figure out how to get the right partner?  Do you find yourself having deja vu relationships--same mate, same issues, different face?  If your answer is yes, join us for this 8-week SOL Circle where you'll learn what's been holding you back from finding the loving relationship you desire and deserve.  In this live class with certified life and sensual empowerment coach, Lori Bryant Woolridge, you'll receive the transformational tools necessary to help you create and manifest the love you not only want, but deserve.  See more    Classes are small so reserve your space now!  Register with a friend and receive a $10 discount!

Current Session:  April 3-May 8, 2018 

Next Session:  June 5-July 31, 2018  Register now!

The Power of Wow:  Unleash the Confident, Sexy You

"I want to be less self-conscious and more comfortable in my own skin."  "I wish I could be more aggressive when it comes to sex, but I don't want to seem slutty."  "After finding out about his affair, my self-esteem has been shattered." "Forty-three with two kids, I want my sexy back!" 

​Millions of women in this country long to get their sexy back (or find it for the first time), but where do you go to learn the lessons of how to be a lovely, lusty lady?  Welcome to Stiletto U's signature class, The Power of Wow.  In this comprehensive,
user-friendly, joy-driven eight weeks, you will NOT learn how to be a diva, sex kitten or love goddess.  What you WILL learn is how to be the healthy, sensual, charming, sexual being YOU were meant to be.  From feeling comfortable in the skin you're in and identifying your signature brand of unique sex appeal to feeling more confident in your ability to attract and entice a lover, you'll find and fall in love with yourself as you learn to unleash the authentically sexy woman within.  See more.

Next Session:  Summer 2018  If you're interested in attending our next scheduled class, sign up for our mailing list.



"This [program] has given me permission to simply enjoy. Wow! It's intoxicating.  The shift is amazing!"
                                          Rebecca, Class of '16