Isn't it time to stop settling for a mediocre sex life because that's all you think your good girl deserves or is capable of?  Join us for a free Stiletto U Office Hour lecture, and learn how to find the limits of your passion and stretch them. Let your bad girl come out to play and discover how delightully naughty you can be!  RSVP to get call-in info.

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Welcome to Stiletto University. Isn't it time to find your confident, sexy self?  Let's get started...

The tested and proven Stiletto U curriculum.  You'll find lectures, lessons, tips and techniques to help you unearth and unleash your own unique brand of WOW.
‚Äč"Lori shows women how to find the sexy within, bring it back...and keep it!"   Carol Broady Fleet, Widows Wear Stilettos

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